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Sex Story: Client’s Cunt

Sex Story: Client’s Cunt     While I prided myself on professionalism, I could not help but fantasise about taking her in my arms, and doing sexy things with her. She was very distracting. As her estate agent, I had been showing her houses for a couple of months now. Not only is she really […]

Horny Little Sister! – Family Sex

Horny Little Sister! – Family Sex My brother and I were always very intimate, but in recent days we have become too intimate. My brother took off my shirt, kissed my mouth and sucked my hard little breasts. Then I sucked hard and big cock of my brother and he fucked my tight little pussy. .   check […]

Sex Stories: MY SLUT AUNT by Anon (England)

Sex Stories: MY SLUT AUNT by Anon (England) During the lock down period my aunt, Liz invited me to spend a week to help with her garden. She lives alone in a small cottage in Yorkshire, England since uncle had died about 10 yrs back when she was 55. I used to admire her – […]